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Why use a Chauffeur Service?

With multiple ways of traveling in today’s busy world, why would you choose to use a Chauffeur Service? There are cheaper options than using a Chauffeur… but will cheaper meet your requirements or be as enjoyable?

The Car

When you book a Chauffeur Service you can choose the type of vehicle you require and, in most cases, the exact make and model. This could be important for several reasons, the amount of luggage you have, if you require extra leg room or if you want to make an impression either for an important Business client or if you are travelling with someone special. A comfortable seat is important depending on the length of your journey. Chauffeured cars cater for a wide range of requirements with heated seats for the winter, air-cooled seats for the Summer and some even have rear seats that will recline providing extra comfort.

Your Chauffeur

A good Chauffeur is more than a private hire driver. They are polite, considerate, discrete experienced and will make every effort to meet all your requests. At Executive Chauffeur North West, your chauffeur will always dress smartly in a three-piece suit with an impeccably presented car. Your chauffeur will be experienced at reading situations, If you want to have a chat they will be more than happy to have a conversation with you, but on the other hand if you are tired, busy working or its simply early in the morning they will recognise this and leave you to enjoy the peace and quiet.


Have you ever booked a taxi and when they arrive, they beep the horn waking the children and annoying the neighbours, or worse still they don’t arrive on time causing you additional stress? Your chauffeur from ECNW will always arrive up to 10 minutes early to help with your luggage or to carry out any last-minute preparations such as getting your Champagne ready. If its raining they will get out the umbrella and help keep you dry and comfortable. At Executive Chauffeur North West, as well as planning the route in advance, whilst traveling to your destination your driver will receive up to date traffic information to avoid you being delayed by traffic. If you are travelling to the airport, they will also receive information about your flight and on your arrival at the airport terminal will inform you of your check in desk, departure gate and whether your flight is on time.

Fully Loaded

Your car will be fully equipped to make your journey as pleasant as possible. Seat-back iPads to catch up on the news, stream a Movie or watch a TV series. Want to listen to some music? Use a music streaming service on the seat-back iPad listening either through the headphones supplied or through the cars entertainment system, you could even ask Alexa to play something or simply ask you driver to tune your preferred radio station. If you are planning on doing some work, you can connect any of your devices to the complimentary in-car Wi-Fi.


Still or Sparkling? We only use premium bottled water such as CanO Water, just let us know which you prefer when booking. Want to catch up on the local, national or international news during your journey? Just tell us your preferred choice of newspaper and we will have a copy prior to arriving. Going somewhere special and want to start the celebrations early, ECNW is fully licensed to supply your favourite tipple, a bottle of beer, glass of Champagne or G&T, just tell us when booking and we will have it chilled and ready when you get in the car.

Bespoke Service

Our aim at Executive Chauffeur North West is not just to get you from A to B. We provide a bespoke service fully tailored to your requirements and can provide a full day chauffeur service. Need a Coffee? Just tell us and we can pick one up en-route. If you are visiting the North West for the first time and don’t quite know where is good to eat or stay, we are able to recommend Hotels, Restaurants and Bars along with lots of other places. We do have one strict rule, we only ever make a recommendation for somewhere that we have tried ourselves and which has surpassed are high standards.


Forgot to take cash our to pay for your Taxi? Chauffeur services are generally booked in advance, although we can accept short notice bookings provided we have the availability. A deposit is taken to secure the booking with the remainder of the payment due by an agreed date. Contract work is usually paid for on account, with the accounts being settled on a periodic basis and commonly after the service has ben completed. ECNW utilise several methods to receive payments. Payments over the phone, although still offered are becoming less popular. Payment via Link is quickly becoming a favourite for our clients. A link is sent via email, text message or WhatsApp, the link directs you to the payment server where you can make the payment securely. This method is very convenient for our clients as they can pay at a time that suits them, rather than having to find their card details whilst on the phone. Our in-vehicle iZettle Contactless and Chip & Pin facility is useful for short notice bookings or to pay for additional services that were not arranged at the time of booking (such as alcoholic drinks).

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why you would want to use a Chauffeur Service instead of a Taxi or Ride Hailing App... Just get in touch for more information... you may be pleasantly surprised by our prices too.

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